Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Bamboo Forest Installation

Yesterday I ran out to pick up some blank refills for my
journal. So this morning I'm sitting and procrastinating
other work and looking over past entries and sketches.

'03 Script for video (and reminder to service car)

Perhaps I need to look back more frequently because
I've got a backlog of art ideas. On the other hand maybe
the little books are just fine by themselves. In any event
they are a way for me to show up for my art each day.

Text Messages from the Dead (excerpt)

I find time most days to journal or sketch. Yesterday, of all
things I felt a short story evolving in my head in relation to
the "A Book About Death" project. Strange that I wanted an
image to pop out but it was a narrative. I pulled over, tore
the shrink wrap off my new refills and wrote.
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