Friday, March 20, 2009

March Hares

March Hares and White Rabbits

Vernal Equinox, the beginning of Spring, and not a moment
to soon. A change from shoveling our "mixed precipitation" to
to working our gardens (mind gardens included). March Hares
or White Rabbits - what suits my mood today? This morning "I'm
late, I'm late" but yesterday I was at Alice's mad tea party during
my visit with my 93 year old mom. My ancient ones dementia
has me puzzling the fragile nature of memory.

Kali Devours Time
(Tibetan wall hanging - collection of the artist)

I was following Sarah Elizabeth's blog yesterday as
she presented a link for artists to participate in
the "A Book About Death" project. This is an open
invitation to submit an image in postcard format
concerning any aspect of death. I'm not quite which
old wounds to reopen but I will be contributing to
the project. Perhaps it may be time to replay one of
the saddest times in my life. Karen and I had just
moved to NYC and three of our best friends there
died within a year. Two were artists and one a
musician. One from leukemia, one suicide and one
auto accident. All so different, all so sad and so much
guilt over being alive. Perhaps time to make an
art memorial and let it go.
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