Saturday, March 7, 2009


Glass Baskets

Technology weekend. Finally I got sick of my procrastinating.
I've got way too much work that hasn't been digitized, so I'm
relearning slide and negative scanning. Oh how I hate manuals.
I started with this neon, broken glass and wire mesh basket
piece. I made this quite a few years ago and only exhibited it
once. It might make more sense in our new "green" culture if
I hadn't sold the neon tubes and generator to fund other work.

Back in business

It was also technology crash week. I was using my point and shoot
Canon this week to photo a wall piece and tripped the wrong
lever on the tripod. The camera ends up on the floor with a
severe bend to the zoom. Its' replacement came yesterday; a
Canon SX10 with 10 megapixels vs 5 and a 20x optical zoom vs
3x. Bad timing for our finances. I had hoped to save for a digital
SLR with all the bells and whistles but they are too far out
of my range and this seems to have most of what I really
need. Strangely, Karen's happy not to think about a birthday
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