Sunday, March 15, 2009

Making Comparisons


What a difference a few decades make. I continue to scan slides of
older works and it provides a great opportunity for comparisons;
to chart my journey. The piece above (1978) consists of five steel
plates holding individual sheets of foam packing material. The sheets
are light and easily blow in the wind. Very simple. Approximate size
is 6' x 15'. The piece clearly shows my minimalist roots. While I
actually began with welded steel constructions, I soon came to
use the steel in a more "original" state.

Totem (close up)

"Totem" is from only a few years ago. My choice of material here
is more eclectic; pennies, cloth, wire mesh, words and strips of wood.
The earlier piece is experimentation but within a certain academic
construct. Over the years I unlearned as much as I learned in order
to find an authentic "face" to my art. My years in NYC opened up
my eyes to artists working conceptually, Fluxus artists, Happenings etc.
My approach is also more eclectic as I pull from more experiences
and systems.

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