Monday, April 6, 2009


Wish You Were Here - trial shot for "A Book About Death" postcard project
(see "Text Messages from the Dead" on right)

The other night I'm at home trying to work through my
yoga routine. Difficult enough, but at the same time I'm
talking out loud, more to myself than my wife who is trying
to read. She points out that most practitioners are not letting
their minds wander. True, but I'm sitting tied in a knot wondering
"what is relevant"? I suppose this could be useless, maudlin or
even a dangerous thought for an artist. Except for the fact that
my art is in a fine place right now. I'm just making it; not
hesitating, over thinking, the ideas are flowing and I'm
along for the ride. The photo up top is one of my experiments
for a postcard I'm working on. Needs work, but at least I'm
in the studio butting my head against some ideas, so all is

My Google result formula for mass relevancy

So, I think what's really on my mind is not what makes an artist
relevant but what makes an artist relevant to me. There are plenty of
widely recognized artists; artists that define what our understanding
of what art is or the next direction for art etc. that just haven't had
much influence on me or my work. I enjoy work by Warhol but I was
amazed that there were so many more Google results for him vs Johns
or Rauschenberg who I owe more to in understanding Pop Art. My
simple equation above doesn't do justice to those who theorize
relevancy algorithms or swarm theory. Still I have to wonder whether
the wikipedia effect isn't derailing our inner critic.


Anonymous said...

Interesting question---I suppose that relevance is subjective. It's a good thing to ponder. Your postcard looks great!

JafaBrit's Art said...

Hum, very interesting questions.

Hey is that crosstitch on the card? If so I am liking the concept very much.

Bill Evertson said...

Thanks Sarah - Your postcard looks awesome; I'm still playing around with concept - So many possibilities!
Hi Corrine, just sent you a postcard (not this one) Yep, Quite often before I do something in photoshop I make "props". There is a piece of wire mesh with some verrry crude x-stitch. Looks better in the photo. The hands are also made out of the mesh then dipped in paint.

JafaBrit's Art said...

oh, that is deep, I like it. the idea of the hands stitching and the text.

Can't wait to get my card,(that is not this one) :)