Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sink or Swim

Swimming the Witch - Medieval woodcut (note innocent person in foreground)

I'm off onto magic for awhile. I've been taking graduate
courses at Wesleyan University since 2003. Why I do
this is a mystery although I started as a way to get
up to speed on digital media arts. Its morphed into
history, sociology architecture; essentially everything
I wished I had time for back when I was getting my
MFA. I'm up to my eyeballs trying to write a final essay
for a fascinating course in Miracles and Magic in the
Middle Ages. Of course now that I'm well into writing on
patriarchy, misogyny and rural communities I could be
writing a great paper on the role of art in defining magic.

Pact with the Devil - Medieval woodcut

While slightly off track from primary readings, I've been
finding some fascinating art. I fear as a whole the artists
may have proven the adage that a picture is worth a
thousand words. As stereotypical images of witches
became more available the hysteria that led to hunting
witches grew. Although I believe artists are much more
in tune with modern witch hunts I am less than optimistic
that our culture is anymore civilized than our Medieval
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