Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Ornamental Grass

On my way from A to B to C I blinked and ended up at 9. Life
would be much simpler if I could just use both sides of my brain
sometimes. I've got two projects that I'd like to devote some
creative flow to but I ended up exploring a tributary. I've got
my Landfillarts hubcap and I've got my idea. Plus I've got my
postcard idea for "A Book About Death". Over the weekend
I posted a short story inspired by Ray Johnson's mail art.
(On the right side of my blog). I decided my postcard would
involve a photo of the tableau that the story brought to my
mind. Yesterday I began experimenting with some exposures
I wanted to use. One shot was an ornamental grass at the
side of a pond. Nothing to do whatsoever to do with autos or
mail art; more about random camera exposures.


After a bit of drawing, filtering, extracting it became a
nest. So, from hubcaps to Ray Johnson to plovers. Today is
a new day so perhaps I can back track a little and find
where my train of thought derailed. Humm? - trains? ;)
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