Thursday, January 10, 2008

Bell Helmet Salvage

The Emerge image at the bottom of the blog started this way.  This is a photo I captured during a maritime museum visit in Kingston Ontario (?) I think.  It resided in Iphoto for several years until I was pondering a water inspiration.  I decided to use to bell helmet emerging in a lake to the view of a lotus.  I located a few landscape features as well as cloud photos to combine.  Learned to make water drops in the process.  Still something was missing so I scanned some sumi-e trees and a partial enso and put it together.  The finished product is centered on 13 by 19 Canon photo pro paper.  So far only one other copy has fallen into private hands. Alas, as it has been shown in several exhibits.

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see your blog up and running. I'll enjoy returning to see the progress