Saturday, January 26, 2008


I recycle images.  Certain photo's I stage are attempts to invoke particular emotions.  One cycle of imagery I often return to could be described as personal mythologies.  Rusi is a traditional Thai mythologic figure I've returned to because over the last year I have become less than satisfied with my original attempt.  I've been experimenting with the 'despair' image although I have used it in the past in what I would describe as a satire piece, 'Ode to Dr. Strange'.  
Ode to Dr. Strange

The piece is based on a page from an old Dr. Strange comic book. I staged photo's of myself in similar poses of the main character.  Ultimately I came up with kind of a campy piece; but not  really in the vein of the direction I was pursuing.  Still, I felt I had a compelling image (at least one with some future possibility) sitting in the hard drive.  So the image may have more than one life; it may find new context in Rusi.  Or, I may have to keep exploring what my role or reaction would be in meeting the hermit that knows everything about you.

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Teri Prestash said...

despair- very strong
I like it a lot.