Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cast in Stone


cement and vinyl tube

Many people advised me not to use 'Under Construction' as part of my title.  I realize the connection to sites that are not finished or are being rebuilt.  I've never been good at taking advice.  I started as a sculptor, so some things were set in stone - once upon a time. Now that I work in the digital world; things are always in play and always under construction.  I've worked Rusi again and again for several nights and below is a screen shot where I have left him.  He is still under construction until I capture the original magical feeling of seeing a Nang performance.

Rusi Under Construction

This sample is how I have worked Rusi in the last several days.   I'm not sure I'm in the right direction yet, I'm trying to stay true to the Nang tradition.  Much of my work involves placing myself into mythologies, either traditional or of my own making.  Rusi, I'm afraid is still under construction.   Also, I'm under the influence of a recent book - 'Practicing" by Glenn Kurtz; a story of a supercharged young prodigy in classical guitar. He became disillusioned even after many youthful successes.  A story that mirrors my own return to art - That it's mere practice is uplifting.  Most of us in the arts have second or multiple careers.  Kurtz puts into word the reflection many of us have at the point when the years of sacrifice have gained little audience. The key is that art needs to be collected by all who hold art dear.  My friend Sarah has a great essay on her website The Emergence Project. There are two links to Sarah in favorites.  Her Visual Influences also features two of my art works as a mail art project.

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