Monday, January 14, 2008

Rusi changes?

I started with this version, which I printed large,
about 12" x 50" but a year later I am not happy.
I suppose this is why my blog is "Under Construction"

I've never presented a work in progress before.  
  I've combined two images and am impressed
by the initial result.  I worked Rusi before but haven't
been satisfied that I've conveyed the initial astonishment
of seeing the original presentation by candle light.
I think I have to go with a black and white image.  

This is Rusi, I first met him in a Nang shadow
puppet theater in Thailand.  Nang is a traditional
shadow performance with Buddhist and Hindu 
influences.  The themes concern Karma.  Rusi
is a hermit you might encounter in the forest.
Unfortunately, he knows everything about you.

A  forest where I have met Rusi.
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