Sunday, January 20, 2008


Construction of Wheel

Wheel is derived from several photos and scans.  A self 
portrait with a water wheel, a small stone disc, goat
pelt, leather and a bamboo fence.


The common thread concerns my uncle Jack, who passed 
away several years ago.  Jack spent his working years 
employed by Aramco, in Saudi Arabia.  His estate 
contained many oddities.  Except for the bamboo fence photo
all the elements were things I found in his house
after he passed.


This is part of a primitive pulley.  Crude but honestly 
constructed by nomadic bedouin tribesmen.  This object 
is used to pull water from wells.
Newspaper Photo 

Jack had a newspaper clipping showing it's use.  Otherwise
it would be hard to imagine what use the object would have.


This disc is more mysterious; carved stone, it is about five inches 
across.  It is covered with geometric design and writings.  I am
not sure whether it is a tourist item or has more significance. 
Otherwise; the goat hides and tanned leather were just tucked 
away on the back of  a shelf.
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