Saturday, July 12, 2008

Page 2

Like so many posts, I try to examine the technique and the why of what 
I'm doing. I think that trying to describe making an artist book is next 
to impossible. You need to have personal contact to make any sense of 
it. This is page two. This is a collaboration of six people. Six people 
who are embracing chance in the creation of these books. 6 decide on
quotes derived from random books; 6 decide on images available at 
Wesleyan (via Robin, our tour guide) and 6 print four folios.  The four 
folios give us 16 possible pages to customize. Now bear in mind we have
 to learn a new measurement system and the upside down of the press.
We need to learn the art of the press. The machine that impresses our 
work. I think each one may have a unique temperament.  I did have the 
pleasure of setting type for the opening and the pleasure of inking and 
running the second page. I promise that the images will appear soon.

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