Monday, July 21, 2008

Pages 5,6 and 7

Page 7 is simply mirror/extended version of the John Cage notation.
Plus the little dots that compliment page 5. Yes, this complex in the 
explanation. Plus I realize that if you have to explain too much
you lose half your audience. Well this is not so much a book report
as a joy of creation explanation. 

Thanks to our instructor, Robin and Box Car Press. we had a 
series of images to work with, besides what was available
at Wesleyan. the images on this page are printed from
photopolymer plates that can be set type high using
a precision machined aluminum block. I like the river 
image-it transitions from the topo map nicely. The other
two images need a little explaining. In the gutter (fold area)
is a John Cage musical notation. So bizarre, that all I can do 
is appreciate its graphic nature. I've also got an upside shark
plate that was determined by blind toss.

Page 5 is actually printed onto a portion of a topographic map. An
etching from Wesleyans collection was set up type high and printed
I freehanded a swoop and cut through the paper and put dots on 
page 7 to reference the title, Chance in a Bowl.

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