Tuesday, July 29, 2008

12-13-14-15 and Cover

Final post on the book. I suppose I have to move on to some 
new works. I realize I never showed the cover. It is a very
thick handmade paper that is heavily embossed with
symbols that at first resemble letters, but.. aren't.

Page 14 contains an ancient page element, a brief colophon and
The missing cut outs turned into dice from page 5. Page 15 
contains a final quote and an image I created from a dust
filter in Photoshop. There is a page 16, which contains the 
last of the embossed prime numbers 73,79,83. 

Page 12 comprises of a revisit to the Cage musical notation, river and 
two quotes. Page 13 reveals the rest of the picture that was hinted
at under the gutter at page 4. 
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