Sunday, May 3, 2009

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East Hampton Public Library's 898 Literary Review

More serendipity from "On the way to making a postcard for 'A
Book About Death' I wrote a story" story. Shortly after I added
that piece to the right margin of my blog I saw a newspaper
article asking for submissions to our library's new literary
magazine. So I did, then promptly forgot about it until yesterday
when browsing the stacks our library director, Sue Berescik
handed me an impressive, sixty page, hot off the press copy.
It was an impulse to make the submission but seeing it in print
yesterday afternoon put a smile on my face :) I was even more
pleased when I sat down and read the other poetry and short story
submissions. I write a lot in my journals, it did take a while to
construct and it was a bit like my mixed media, but not. I think
I was most pleased that I didn't let my inner critic tell me
not to bother.
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