Sunday, May 10, 2009

Paper Waves

Tissue Wave II ©Evertson 2009

A second in my series of crumpled paper waves. Like so many
inspirations this began as an accident of light. I walked by
a window and morning light hitting some packing
material gave it a peculiar water-like feel. I spent less than
an hour with it until the light effect passed. Most of those
photos were lost in my hard drive crash but this was one
that I had backed up. While I wait for the light to manifest
again I'll continue to play a bit in photoshop.

The Great Wave Off Kanagawa Hokusai

The "original wave" and still the best after countless
printings and reproductions later is Katsushika Hokusai's
ukiyo-e print from the 1820's. This print is one
of Hokusai's series "36 Views of My. Fuji" The series is
a masterwork of light, subject and composition.
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