Thursday, May 28, 2009

Salon des Refuses

If I see one more bad lighthouse painting I'm going to be sick. ©evertson 09

Let me preface this post by saying this is not a put down
of any particular artist media rather an observation of
the "I know what I like" mentality.

"I'm sorry but we're not accepting 'computer' art this year
because we don't consider it fine art." 'Rita's' disembodied
voice informed me that I would not be exhibiting in our local
East Hampton art show. I had called to sign up for this years
show and in all fairness Rita had that nervous tone of a
spokeswoman not used to issuing group opinions she didn't
necessarily share. She was quick to add that her daughter
did some "interesting things" on the computer ;)
Last post I related how I had spent the last 6-7 years re-tooling
my art with the liberating infusion of all things the computer
has to offer the artist. A whole new palette of color, brushes
and techniques. Sadly, here in my hometown the local art
league seems a bit less impressed. I exhibited last year for
first time in their art show, ignoring my feeling that this
really wasn't my normal venue; but since it is my town, why not?
I did get some of the strangest comments and questions.
Q. Where is the original?
A. On my hard drive.
Comment. It must be easy to make these with the
right software; do you use the program that turns
your art into paintings?

R Garriott, a fellow blogger, had an amusing post on the
13 things not to say to an artist.

I'm not heart broken and don't feel the need to educate
anyone that "fine artists" don't necessarily limit themselves
to oils, acrylics or watercolor. I'm pretty content as a 50
something artist with a decent resume and enough exhibition
opportunities to keep me busy. I can appreciate both traditional
media and new media and have worked in both. So while Rita
asked if perhaps I had some oils to pull out, I think not.

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