Friday, May 15, 2009

Still Making Waves

Paper in Moonlight ©evertson 2009

This is the latest in my series of "tissue waves". Starting my layer
buildup in Photoshop is a long exposure night shot with moonlight.
With the camera left in place, I caught a morning shot to layer for
additional color. In the first two in the series I cut out the background
to focus on the water-like quality of the paper; this time I left a
window to add a suggestion of light source. I built another layer of
water drops although I was a little conflicted as to whether this one
was about paper or water - water won out. There are a few ways
to make drops but I use the noise filter then blur filter, then
thresholds to produce a size and density I like. Bevel and emboss
provide the dimensionality although I adjusted blending modes
and opacity to keep it subtle.

Companionway style ladder built for Sue Graham of Niantic, Ct

Thank you to commenters on my woodworking in my "other job"
post. One of the hardest things I've faced as an artist is avoiding
the mental burn off of working a second job. I certainly had an early
string of either crappy or demanding jobs that left little time or
energy for art. The companionway ladder above was a commission
to access a quirky space the homeowners wanted to turn into
library storage. One of a kind woodworking commissions
require some creative solutions but fill a niche and provide a
comfort zone to pursue my fine art.

I mentioned Art Ravels last post and then I discovered that she had
given me kudos the same day. I won't follow Woody Allen's advice
to not join any club that would accept me. Did I mention she has great
taste in all things art ;) ?

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