Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things We Do


Jafabrit had a very interesting link to an essay by Alain
Beriot on Being an Artist. His major thread concerns the
difference between the business of art and being an artist.
I spent some time re-reading the section concerning audience.
Who are you creating for? Yourself? Everyone? Or can you
learn to be discerning; can you recognize that everything to
everyone isn't possible.

Edgar Degas L'Absinthe oil on canvas 1876

I build cabinetry and furniture to make a living. In fact most
people seem to prefer to recognize what I do for money as
what defines me. A quote from Degas in Beriot's essay seems
to sum up a general artist's malaise. "Your pictures would have
been finished a long time ago if I were not forced everyday to
do something to earn money" Leaving aside Degas' politics and
personality I have to wonder what that other work was?


Mostly I enjoy the cabinet work that makes money; I enjoy even
more when I exhibit my art. I just don't expect to see a pot of
gold there. The dialogue Corrine opened in Jafabrit's Art found
resonance with me as I try to balance "being an artist" with not
wasting time pursuing false leads and dead ends. Just don't ask
how the recession is effecting my cabinetry; suffice it to say I've had
a bit more studio time.

I've also had more time to explore other art blogs and I'd like to
point out Art Ravels as a fresh perspective from a perceptive
observer of the NY art scene. Follow the link; I don't think you'll
be disappointed as you follow her to various museums and galleries.

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