Friday, May 22, 2009

Miles to Go...

Diver ©evertson (version '09)

Only a few days left to participate in Rhizome's pixel billboard,
community builder and fundraiser. Rhizome is a premier site
for following new media. If you are blogging you just might be
interested. I added this "diver" and a linkback as part of their
fundraising collage.

dive suit photo ©evertson 2005

My diver began his artistic reinvention when I took the photo above
at a maritime museum on Lake Ontario. I'll save more on this piece
for a later post as he will show up as an element in a digital collage
for the Eclipse Gallery 50/50/50 Exhibition this fall.

Detail form "Wish You Were Here" ©evertson 09

I haven't posted my finished project from "A Book About Death"
because it's continuing to evolve. I mentioned I wrote a short story
and that led to my image for the exhibit. One last detail I was
struggling with was the organizers suggestion to include the
exhibition title to our works. I decided to take my drop shadow
displacement idea from last post and add a tattoo title. More
on this piece later. Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!

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