Sunday, February 10, 2008


Karens' latest weaving is going to blow people away.   A wonderful collection of color 
and a difficult rep weave. A table runner. For Karen, I believe weaving is a survival art.
A type of art, that if you don't do it, your day job consumes you.  My wife has been in
the mental health field for way too many years.  Currently with the state; as opposed to 
non-profits, her life is a pressure cooker.  Plus she married an artist.  Her latest
work is her most ambitious in the last couple of years since we bought the loom.  I
think her journey to rediscover her inner artist brings something special to this
Valentines day. Plus I think she will finish soon so we can invite Teri P and 
family over.  

Some days we just need to do some maintenance.  In Teri's last comment
she mentioned that I should get busy framing my Winter series.  A perfect
excuse to invite my diabolic friend over for a meal and some wine.  I say diabolic
because I kept coming back to her latest art post and wanted to comment.  
I probably went to her site fifteen times trying to un-spool what she 
was getting at with the image and title.  Finally, I realize that once again 
she has hijacked me, for her own nefarious purpose; driving me crazy.  Good 
fun, I think I'll resort to some childless prank, like pasting her head on Dr. Evil.
So, I'm busy matting these three pieces today. I can't wait to see her face
when I hand her a glass of wine and it's beer.
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