Monday, February 4, 2008

White pine

I'm not sure what is the most destructive thing artists do to sabotage their own work.
I usually work several pieces at any one time.  Having said that, sometimes I
end up down a dark alley, a dead end and still I don't want to wait for the 
inspiration that elicited the idea to return and guide me.  I press forward like a good worker bee and may settle for something because I'm just exhausted.  So it's a lack of patience.  Later on  I realize what I've done; I shortchanged something that just wasn't ready for birth.
  On the other hand, I have ideas that I procrastonate.  "The time isn't right", the little
 voice in my head intones. It usually means that I don't want to make the effort 
that the imagination is calling for.  I need to make the first step but I'm paralyzed.  I decided to share tonight a project that my friend Teri P suggested in one of her posts.  "Share something that you spend only ten minutes manipulating."  
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