Monday, February 4, 2008

White pine

I'm not sure what is the most destructive thing artists do to sabotage their own work.
I usually work several pieces at any one time.  Having said that, sometimes I
end up down a dark alley, a dead end and still I don't want to wait for the 
inspiration that elicited the idea to return and guide me.  I press forward like a good worker bee and may settle for something because I'm just exhausted.  So it's a lack of patience.  Later on  I realize what I've done; I shortchanged something that just wasn't ready for birth.
  On the other hand, I have ideas that I procrastonate.  "The time isn't right", the little
 voice in my head intones. It usually means that I don't want to make the effort 
that the imagination is calling for.  I need to make the first step but I'm paralyzed.  I decided to share tonight a project that my friend Teri P suggested in one of her posts.  "Share something that you spend only ten minutes manipulating."  


Teri Prestash said...

Congratulations! How did it feel to let go after just 10 minutes?
The challenge is leave it be.

Bill Evertson said...

Very liberating. I admit I spend way too much time trying to look spontaneous. In my defense, practicing our art is the crux. In my sumi-e triptych, I probably spent a month making studies and practicing each stroke. I ultimately did those three pieces in under three hours. I think lately I've been over thinking. I thank you for reminding me of the lesson.