Friday, February 1, 2008


Meeting Rusi

I've been re-working Rusi all this month.  I don't understand my motivation to 
return.  This is a piece that I haven't exhibited; although it hangs in my studio
for me to observe. I really should be working on some newer ideas I want to develop
 but this image seems to be a thorn in my side.  For some nagging reason I haven't gotten 
to the meat of the subject.  I've had a year to observe and 
think about it and finally decided the original didn't convey my evolving feelings 
for this traditional Thai puppet figure.  While I probably will continue to 
rework the image a bit more, this is where it is tonight.  I need more polish 
on the slightly visible words surrounding the person figure.  Possibly some 
Thai phrases surrounding Rusi.
Original Rusi (printed 11" x 50")

I orignally did this very long and extended version with self portraits tied in knots.  At the time I think my insertion into the Rusi myth  (hermit who knows everything about your character) conveyed a universal reaction.  Now in retrospect; those viewing a Nang performance could only bring their own unique identity; both positive and negative properties to judgement.   In my new version I simply meet with no judgements.  This is not the final version and while it seems strange to present works in progress, that is the nature of the blog.  Final version to hopefully come soon.

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