Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Weaving the Universe

Ixchel figurine, 600- 900 AD

Thanks for the positive feedback on Karen's weaving.  I think weaving
is a fundamental art.  Food, shelter clothing.  Weaving crosses cultures
as an art necessary for survival.  Fabric arts in general, go under the radar in 
the examination of a culture's art.  Both Karen and I have been 
influenced by Mayan women who have codified traditional religious
belief into their fabric.  Since the conquest, various aspects of their
belief systems evolved into geometric equivalent to prevent detection. 
An early protest movement, mounted by women, against an occupation.  
 There is a tradition in  Mayan studies that place the goddess Ixchel, not only 
a  moon/ fertility goddess, but as the  weaving goddess.  Weaving the fabric 
of the universe.   Color, structure and patience.  
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