Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winter Path

What am I to do?  As an artist you start each day with a plan
and then (if you're lucky) something else takes over.  I had
every intention that my next blog post would be an ink
work.  But, I have to confess, I haven't done sumi-e for
several weeks. I've been really focused in the digital 
realm. My attempts today are all in the trash. Certainly
not worth comment.  I'll save failures for another post.
So, in the end I went back to the computer and found another
winter image to work. Perhaps all my hesitant tendencies 
had evaporated by the ink work but I flew through a
creation in photoshop.  I printed it and I'm satisfied.
Great joy; I hate to spend the day chasing my tail.
The ink will have another round with me tomorrow.
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