Thursday, February 21, 2008

Weaving the Universe

I was at the computer today and I heard a noise directly above me;
Karen's weaving room.  Probably a mouse.  I was struck by a work in 
progress.  Karen is working on some dish towels.  (she claims) I took
a few pictures of a work in progress.  I love this weaving aspect about 
my wife.  She has such a high pressure job in mental health, I'm glad
in the last several years she's found this again.  She's got a dark green
with a light sage going on the warp.  I suggested she blog about to 
her return to weaving again.  Her response was something like " My 
title will be 'I'm trying to do this to relax'  so why do I post Karen's
work?  I wonder if there is a universal impulse to make art.  I would 
say yes there is. 
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