Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ixchel or as I call her 'my wife Karen' has been a little  distracted
from her current project.  I know this is very strange but Karen
is a true Goddess that indeed weaves the universe of many souls.
While I spend my time making cabinetry and art she spends her
day overseeing a state mental health program; on call 24/7 and 
tireless advocate for rights of the mentally incapable, as well as
 those that work in that capacity. I'm surprised she has any effort
at the end of the day; yet she sits down to the loom after work
and works for an hour or so. I'm sure I'll never know exactly
 what is going into this shadow weave; read hard to do, I think
it's weaving the universe. I thought maybe the blog was about 
me, but tonight it's more about art pain.
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