Sunday, March 9, 2008


Wren on Bamboo : 12" x 19"

Having a hard time deciding what to post.  On one hand I've got this
photoshop collage of men in gas masks ascending a Times square 
subway, but it's two years old; on the other I got a wren perched in bamboo.  
Both nice works.  Just hard to believe that they are produced by the same 
artist. I went with the wren.  We have developed a rather large contingent
of wrens that populate our 1.5 acre plot of earth we call our 'own'.
Well, our usually well stocked bird feeder is the answer.  Complicated
little birds that I can observe at length as a day passes.  I'll return
to the photo collage work soon.  My best advisor, my wife Karen, thinks 
that I shouldn't publish older works, unless relevant to a new. Also, check 
out my friend Sarah - she has posted an interpretation of her children and a niece.  
I'm wondering with the Kids project whether we go off our usual art or keep our
artist eye. Are we sentimental?  Can we project personality? Perhaps
show what hasn't fallen far from the tree?
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