Sunday, March 2, 2008


Although my work tends toward digital, my training was in sculpture.
On occasion I return to feature some of these efforts.  Just as I 
return to the brush.  It's an impulse to maintain skills and to 
let each discipline inform the other.  Checks and Balance.

This work, about 2' x 3', features a scroll form with bloodwood
slats framing.  Word heavy, the scroll contains the Buddha's 
fire sermon.  'Everything is burning'.  The frame contains
engraved musings on being a prisoner.  these musings are 
obscured with gold leaf - hard to photo.

I'm still trying to decide whether to include 'hands'.  I constructed
the hands from a wire mesh, covered with paper and painted.
The hands are pierced with pins that have gold leaf attached.
A clawing gesture for the words and against the flimsy string
representing prison bars.
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